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More friends identified at Malcolm and Marian’s party

Firstly there’s Sue Fraser, who you may remember as Sue Cahill. Well, Sue and Chico actually ‘went out’ together for a while. AFTER Chico had left, following lunch on the day after the party, Sue gave her side of the story; perhaps we’ll get Chico’s side when he’s read this.

Sue took Chico to a Sandy Denny concert. After a few songs accompanying herself on the piano, Sandy  picked up her guitar. She was having some trouble tuning the guitar and admitted her main instrument was the piano. Well, apparently Chico shouted out something along the lines of “Why don’t you stick to the piano then!” being impatient about the time she was taking. This was simply too much for sensitive Sue, who still is a great fan of Sandy Denny’s music. So she chucked him! And what’s your recollection of this momentus event, Chico?

Then there is Wendy Willis (Ridgeway). Nothing much said except she came to the odd party, but I have a vague recollection that Wendy very briefly went out with Willie. Can anyone either confirm or deny this?

Best wishes to Chrissie Pymar and Del Bopp who moved house in September.
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